What is Choice Theory?

Devised by William Glasser MD, an American Psychiatrist, psychologist and counsellor, it is a psychological model of human behaviour which provides us with the opportunity to understand ourselves more effectively and to make more informed choices about how we behave. Just as importantly, it allows us the opportunity to try to understand the perspective of others more effectively and to make more informed choices about how we behave in all of the relationships that we are in.

There are four different components to the model; Basic Needs, Quality World, Total Behaviour and Perception. In all training, I will introduce them separately before demonstrating how they combine as dynamic and simultaneously occurring behavioural system.

Primarily, Choice Theory is a route to improving self care.

What is Reality Therapy?

Using Choice Theory Psychology to inform practice as a counsellor or psychotherapist. 

The practice of Reality Therapy is an ongoing process consisting of two major components:

1. Creating a trusting environment / relationship

2. Using procedures and techniques that enable the person / client to create positive change. The procedures that we teach in our workshops are those developed by Dr. Bob Wubbolding (ex-Director Of Training for the William Glasser Institute) and referred to as the 'WDEP system'. 

What is Lead Management?

Using the Choice Theory Psychology to inform practice in a coaching environment such as teaching, sports coaching and life coaching or as a leader, line manager or colleague.

If you work in a role which requires the use of counselling skills such as social work, support work or project work or in a medical profession such as nursing, occupational therapy or general practice then the approaches of Reality Therapy and Lead Management can be incorporated into your work with your clients/patients as you aim to build and sustain connected relationships and support them to achieve their goals.   

Primarily, Reality Therapy and Lead Management are routes to improving
how your manage yourself and relate to others in any relationship.