What are Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management? Plus details of courses available (including a video).

Choice Theory is a psychological model which aims to explain human motivation and behavior.    

It was originated by the American psychiatrist, Dr William Glasser, based on his experience dating from the 1950s right through to this century – his final book was published in the last decade

Choice Theory is about relationships. With others, and with ourselves.

It is a method of trying to understand ourselves more effectively and to make more informed choices about how we behave and it is a method for trying to understand the perspective of others and to make more informed choices about how we behave in all of the relationships that we are in – whether that is one to one or in the many groups that we find ourselves part of in life from families to friends to classrooms or teams at work, in formal or informal associations, clubs, and sports

There are four different components to the model; 1 - our motivation system of our basic human needs and 2. the things that we want that meet these needs for us, 3 our Behaviour and 4 - the way that we Perceive things. In all training courses I introduce these separately before demonstrating how they combine as one system .

A system that works on the premise that we nearly always have some control over how we respond to anything that happens to us, if not immediately then very shortly afterwards

And to summarise Choice Theory in one sentence? It is about relationships, and all round self care.

Reality Therapy is using all of the knowledge and understanding of the choice theory psychology and applying in to ourselves if we work in the role of counsellor or psychotherapist

And there are two parts to this, one is the self evaluation of our own behavior and process, as we connect closely with our client, whilst being curious about their behavior and what they are sharing, and all the time being prepared to share knowledge about the Choice Theory psychology

And lastly, what about Lead Management?

This is also about the use of the psychology to inform how we build relationships with others and offer support and leadership in basically any setting, from friendships and family environments to work in teaching, sports coaching or when managing colleagues. It also includes other therapeutic but non counselling settings such as by nurses and doctors, youth workers, project workers, support workers, social workers, and more.

Basically any setting that includes the use of counselling skills such as connecting, building trust, listening and supporting.

And I hope you have found useful my brief introduction to Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. It forms a key part of a lot of my work such as one to one and group counselling and practice supervision and leadership coaching. I offer a variety of courses on understanding and applying this to our lives, from group sessions to one to one consultations, lasting from an hour to a day or two, to a week. This also includes the internationally accredited qualification programme which consists of 5 parts over a minimum of 18 months.

I love working face to face and do so whenever desired, and possible (as we continue to make our way through the COVID-19 Pandemic), but online versions and distance learning is also available.

Whoever you are and whatever you do – Choice Theory can be useful for you. Feel free to contact me via this website and to follow me on twitter @NowCounselling

Here is a video with more information too: