Time to Talk 2020

There are so many examples of fantastic work being done to support the mental health of children and young people right across the youth work sector in Scotland every day. There are also lots of great examples of youth workers and volunteers supporting each other. At YouthLink Scotland, we know beyond doubt that #YouthWorkChangesLives.

Connecting with others, talking and listening, are the foundations for mental health and wellbeing. Being there for others and offering support (whether that is to young people, our colleagues, friends, team mates, class mates or family) really makes a difference. But it is not always easy to find a way, and even when it is, learning new ideas is always good – especially when they are fun!

Today is Time To Talk Day 2020, led by our Mental Health and Wellbeing partners SeeMe Scotland. It is a chance for us to think about the conversations that we are having with the people that we connect with in our day to day lives, wherever that may be. Conversations really count. Words really matter. Talking and listening helps. That is why the theme of the day is ‘Choose Talk, Change Lives’.

For some ideas on how to get started, check out the posters, cards and other conversation starting resources available which are all based around the game that you will probably know; ‘Would you rather’?

My favourite is ‘would you rather miss a penalty or talk to a team mate about mental health’? I know what my answer would be, and that is not only because I have missed a penalty (or two) in my time!

Which one is your favourite? Maybe you can come up with a new one? If you can, feel free to post a picture of it on twitter @YouthLinkScot with #YouthWorkChangesLives #TimeToTalk

There is also a Time To Talk event on today at The National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh featuring music, art and lots more related to mental health, see you there?

From: https://www.youthlinkscotland.org/news/february-2020/time-to-talk-today/