Team Activities and Mental Health

When considering what we want to include in our self care routine for our mental health, the key is to choose to do things that work for us as an individual, in a way that suits us - because although we all share the same basic human needs, we are all unique. 

Having time for ourselves is important, and spending some time with others - as often or as little as we prefer - is essential as we strive to find our mental health balance. Team activities and sports are a great way to combine exercise with socialising and fun, and provide us with a chance to connect with others - to talk and listen; the foundation of wellbeing for all of us. 

This is something that I have been experiencing a lot first hand recently since joining Street Soccer Scotland as Mental Health Officer for part of the week, and here is a video where I share some more of my thoughts.

Whatever team activity or sport you enjoy, notice the impact on how you feel when you next take part,  or if you are not currently part of a team or group maybe now is a time to try something new in your local area?

Whatever works for you - enjoy!