Staff Learning and Development - the next step?

For many people, the first two full weeks of the year represent a return to a routine, to regular commitments; to work, school or study. As we land on the Friday of the second of these weeks, perhaps you feel a sense of satisfaction at what you have already achieved this year, or at very least a sense of relief that early January has been negotiated successfully (or just negotiated?!).

As the weekend approaches, which may or may not include a break for you, it is an important time to pause and reflect on what you have done so far this year (which will be more than you think), and to make sure that you are weaving self care into your day regularly. For more on this, see an article from November on this website: Self Care Week 2018 - What Questions are you asking yourself?

Here at NowCounselling, we have been focused on continuing to plan for the year ahead. As well as counselling, coaching, mentoring and psychologically informed supervision, training and staff learning and development is also very high on the agenda. Health and wellbeing for staff should be a key priority for all organisations, self care should be promoted and supported at all times. As part of staff wellbeing and development, ensuring access to adequate training is crucial.

Whether you are an individual looking to develop yourself personally and professionally, or represent an organisation looking to review and update provision for your staff, what we can offer at NowCounselling is equally suitable. Our approach is to assess your needs and unique requirements, find a common language to communicate the learning and design a programme to suit.

Whether your learning preference appears to be Activist, Pragmatist, Theorist or Reflector (to use Honey and Mumford's model) or whether Affiliative, Visionary, Coaching, Coercive, Democratic or Pace Setting (Goleman) best describe your leadership preference, we will design a course which is enjoyable, relevant and full of techniques that you can apply immediately to benefit your work as you move forwards.

Although each course is different and bespoke to your needs, we work hard to make sure that experiential learning is a core thread throughout. Because after all, it is easier to learn to swim whilst practicing in water. 

All of the work we do is trauma informed and psychologically informed. Using the psychological model of Choice Theory and its applications in a therapeutic environment (Reality Therapy) or to a coaching, working or school environment (Lead Management) as well as other models and theories including Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and the Person Centred Approach, our group or one to one courses provide opportunities to access the most current and relevant knowledge and understanding and to learn and develop skills that can help you improve personally and professionally.

Face to face training, distance or online modules are all possibilities that we can accommodate.

In the Training Workshops section of this website, there are a list of courses currently written and developed. If you are interested in more information on these or to discuss a brand new piece of work for yourself, your team or organisation then we look forward to hearing from you.

If you or your organisation are not sure where to start, then why not give us a call. We can conduct a review and analysis of your current staff development and training provision and write a report and recommendations to assist you with your next step.