Places available on Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management Basic Intensive Workshop planned for September 2019, plus news on current practicum groups and other CPD and self care opportunities

Following the recent NowCounselling Basic Instensive Workshop in Edinburgh on the psychological model of Choice Theory (which is primarily about understanding self and self care), Reality Therapy (the application of this in a counselling setting) and Lead Management (the application of the psychology in a counselling skills setting such as support work, medical professions, teaching, sports and management), I now have a small but growing number of people - based in and around Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian and East Lothian - who are interested in doing the course so I am planning to run another one towards the end of this summer, likely in September. If you would like to discuss further details or to register interest in a place then please get in touch. 

This is an opportunity for a useful and valuable personal development experience, as well as continuous professional development should that apply to your situaion. It is also step 1 of the UK and internationally recognised ( and qualification as a Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management practitioner (denoted by the initials CTRTC after one's name). 

Step 2 is the Basic Practicum: I am running a group with current students at the moment in and around Edinburgh, which involves a combination of approaches to study including distance learning, self study, set practical work, reading, other assignments and group meetings. Through a process of guided self evaluation, the students will progress on to the advanced stage of the programme (stages 3 and 4). If you would like some further information on this or to register interest in a place (entry requirment for this is completion of stage 1 - a Basic Intensive Workshop) then please get in touch. 

These courses provide an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to develop the relationship with self. This is also the first step towards being in a position to connect more deeply with others, whether that be in working relationships or personal relationships. Self care is a key theme throughout and all NowCounselling courses and services involve the opportunity to learn important and useful mental health and wellbeing techniques and tools for self management from essential moment to moment self regulation to deal with the stress we can all face in every day life, to strategies to manage the impact of more complex difficulties caused by trauma, to important and easy to impliment steps towards feeling fitter, healthier and more energised. 

I also offer one to one and group counselling, coaching or mentoring to support you with personal or professional issues and deliver one to one and group psychologically informed supervision if you are a counsellor or therapist or use counselling skills in your role - including if you work in a role that involves interacting with colleagues and the public and if you are a leader of a team, group or organisation. 

Below is a list of the courses that I have designed and written that I currently deliver. If you would like to discuss any of these or require more information then please get in touch.


  • 1 day introduction to Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management for practitioners or for self care. 
  • 3-4 day Basic Intensive workshop in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management (this is 3 days CPD and also the first of 5 steps towards qualification as a Reality Therapy practitioner if people choose to take it forwards)
  • Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management basic and advanced practicum (steps towards qualification)
  • 1 day course - Choice Theory in the classroom 
  • 1 day course - Choice Theory in the workplace 
  • 1 day course - The impact of trauma and working with clients in a trauma informed manne
  • 1 or half day - Introduction to counselling skills and the Person Centred approach 
  • 1 day - Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing (also available as separate half days)
  • 1 day - Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy and some other cognitive behavioural methods
  • 1 day - Introduction to group work skills and training facilitation (similar to the courses called something like 'train the trainer'). 
  • 1 or half day course - Alcohol awareness and working with clients who identify as having problems with alcohol
  • 1 or half day course - Drug awareness and working with clients who identify as having problems with drugs
  • 1 day course - Experiential learning and other different learning styles
  • 1 day course - Working with others effectively as part of a team
  • 1 day course - Developing yourself as a leader (with a small or capital L)
  • 1 or half day course - Self care for you 
  • 1 day course - Self care for you and skills to use when supporting others

If something that may interest you, your group, team, service or organisation is not included in this list then please get in touch to discuss the design and delivery of a bespoke training course or service such as a presentation, a seminar or talk at a conference or a team development day. 

Finally, I am also available to conduct an evaluation of current provision for mental health and wellbeing support for staff and/or staff training provision. This service includes production of a report including recomendation for future development.