A late December message: Peace and love to you all

Late December is a significant period of time for many people. Some of us celebrate Christmas, some do not, some feel that they have a reason to celebrate and some do not - for a variety of reasons. Some people are faced with difficulties which means that this time of year is anything but a period for celebration and for enjoyment and for others, it feels no different to other months of the year whether that be for wanted or unwanted reasons. Perhaps none of what I have said so far reflects this moment for you? After all, we all know our own story better than we know anything else's.

However this period of time feels for you and whatever this month represents, as we approach the start of a new year I invite you to consider what you have done in the past year. For some, there will be many positive experiences and achievements and for some there will be periods of difficulty and even tragedy. For many, there will be combinations of all of this and more, as is the case in our unpredictable life journeys. Whatever your reality, I invite to consider your progress over the past year and to reflect on the strength that you have and the resilience that you have shown yourself and others.
We all have different realities, but we all share a common innate capability for strength and resilience which allows us to grow and we all desire to be compassionate to others and connect in close relationships.

Messages of 'peace and good will to all' are all around at the moment, which should be a message for now and for all seasons. And there is a part of that message that we should all remind ourselves to hold on to (because at times we need to) in this moment as much as ever, and that is the message of peace and good will to ourselves.
The voice that we hear more than any others is our own, so whatever you are doing this late December, make sure you try your best to make sure that the words you say to yourself are kind ones. You are a strong and resilient and unique person, with so many qualities and so much to give. So remind yourself not to forget that.



This time of year for many can feel lonely. If it ever feels as though there isn't anyone around then remember that there always is, somewhere not too far away.

If you are Edinburgh based like us then options include:

Christmas dinner and company at Hibernian FC stadium at from 11am-3pm organised by Gamechanger.

Or a Christmas day football party followed by lunch at the fantastic drop in organised by Street Soccer (@StreetSoccerSco).

Or there is Social Bite (@SocialBite_) who are opening their doors in not only Edinburgh but also Glasgow and Aberdeen to welcome those who want to be around others. Crisis (@Crisis_UK) are also available for those in these areas and others.

Wherever you are, do not struggle alone, there are services available to reach out to including Breathing Space: 0800 83 85 87.

'Tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring'. (William Broyles Jr.)

From Now Counselling as we start a break from work for a couple of weeks, a message for now and for all seasons: We look forward to connecting with you (again) in 2019 which will be a big year full of courses and writing, as well as counselling and coaching.

Peace and love to you all. x